Our Team

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Craig Glover

Community Quarterback

Executive Director of RISE

Our Board


Arthur J. Menor

Board Member

Managing Partner, Shutts & Bowen


Ava L. Parker JD

Board Member

President, Palm Beach State College


Gabrielle Finley-Hazel

Board Member

Carlos Vidueira

Board Chairman

President, Rybovich



Quantum Foundation, and its CEO and Board of Trustees, were the visionaries who first took up the challenge of transforming lives and creating opportunity for families in the RISE neighborhood. Supporters and collaborators to the effort, the Quantum Foundation’s commitment is an invaluable component of the community-based effort.

Community Partners, an organization dedicated to family and community development, has been positively contributing to Palm Beach County for more than 30 years. Initially serving as the incubating organization for RISE, Community Partners is committed to long-term partnership and support.

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The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County has a passion for identifying and funding extraordinary educational experiences for every child within Palm Beach County. Founded in 1984, the Foundation has been an important contributor to the District’s long-term vision of quality education. The Foundation is committed to working as a part of RISE to support the development of successful central themed, project-based learning schools.

Lyrae Group is a leading advisor on strategic and philanthropic development.  Clients use Lyrae Group's expertise to address numerous social and economic challenges to the local community and beyond.

Lyrae Group is helping to shape the RISE strategy to maximize social impact within a community-based effort combining public and private support.

Our Partners