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33407 “Black” History Memoirs
Dorothy Hazard


Photo credit: Karina Ramírez

Ms. Dorothy Hazard, a resident of West Palm Beach, is the president of the Storm of ‘28 Memorial Park Coalition. In the interview, Ms. Hazard shares the oral history of the 1928 Hurricane that devastated Palm Beach County and left many victims. These stories have been told in the community throughout the years. Ms. Hazard also shares the work of her husband, Robert Hazard, who has pioneered the storytelling of those stories since the 70s. Mr. Hazard is the author of “The Storm, God, The Gator and Me,” a book based on interviews with a woman whose family survived the storm.


















The members of the coalition continue the work to honor the 600-plus Black victims who lost their lives in what is known as the second deadliest natural disaster in the United States. The coalition continues fundraising to help more students learn about the local historical landmark.


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memorial, museum
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This story is part of the 33407 “Black” History Memoirs, a 2023-2024 Project in celebration of Black History Month. View other stories here.


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