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33407 “Black” History Memoirs
William Holland, Jr.


Photo Credit: Karina Ramírez

Mr. William Holland, Jr. tells us about his father, William Holland, Sr, Palm Beach County’s first Black attorney. He shares the challenges of segregation during the 50s and how his father and members of his team worked on Palm Beach County’s version of Brown vs. the Board of Education, a case that led to the integration of schools in our area. 


Additionally, Mr. Holland recalls what has been like for him to grow up in Pleasant City and his wish for the local community.



Read: Brown vs. The Board of Education, a story published in the SunSentinel in 2021.












A documentary about William Holland, Sr. published
by F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association in 2020.

This story is part of the 33407 “Black” History Memoirs, a 2023 Project in celebration of Black History Month. View other stories here.

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