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City of West Palm Beach Chosen as Recipient of “Closing the Gap” Grant

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

"Prior to receiving the Closing the Gap grant, the City of West Palm Beach had established several initiatives to help bridge the racial gap in homeownership. For years, the city has partnered with Northend R.I.S.E., Inc. to carry out its RISE initiative. This campaign consists of a collaboration between neighborhood/governmental/civic leaders, educators, healthcare professionals and businesses to achieve community-based solutions to break the cycle of poverty in the city’s north end neighborhoods. Eligible homebuyers are awarded a deferred payment second loan (up to $60K) as down payment financing towards the purchase price and closing costs of housing units within the Primary RISE Impact Area."

Read the full article here!


City of West Palm Beach Chosen as Recipient of “Closing the Gap” Grant. (2021, June 28th). Retrieved from

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